Our track shoes are standing by.

Our sales reps are print athletes, jumping through hoops and hurdling obstacles to get your job done right. When you need someone to run interference, we're ready.

Cynthia Brussels

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An Arizona native, Cynthia has been in the print business for years, but stays enthused about learning something new, whether it’s a finishing technique or a client’s business. “It’s rare that a company is as engaged with each client at all levels the way O’Neil is,” she says. “My partnerships have evolved into long time friendships, and that brings a smile to my face.” Cynthia, who has a quirky habit of sniffing printed pieces, says, “Ink on paper smells great.” No argument there.

Connie Forney

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Connie has years of local and national sales experience in the print field, a fact that enables her to provide added value on each project. “I view all my clients as business partners,” she says. “My personal goal is to achieve optimum cost effectiveness throughout the entire process.” Someone who loves a challenge, Connie says she likes to identify innovative solutions for her clients and jump ahead of their expectations.

Lynn Embry

Sales & Marketing Support

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Lynn has spent the majority of her career in the print and graphic design fields. Her degree in graphic design, coupled with 24 years of experience in printing and advertising, make Lynn well suited to address the needs of O’Neil’s clients. “I love making each client’s dreams happen, knowing we’ve made a difference in the outcome of their project and ultimately, in the success of their business.” Lynn is known for her contagious laugh, a welcome quality in a high-pressure world.

Brent Gehre

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Brent’s industry experience began when he was in high school, working summer jobs at a paper mill in Switzerland. He wound up working for nearly 20 years in his family’s printing business in San Francisco. During that time, he worked in virtually every area of the business. So if you happen to have any technical questions, don’t hesitate to ask Brent. He’s a graduate of the Printing Industries of America Executive Development Program and has attended Heidelberg Speedmaster and CPC training courses in Heidelberg, Germany.

Jason Hogue

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Printing is second nature to Jason, who started working for the family print business in junior high. Over the past 22 years, he’s worked in every department, from pre-press to shipping. He takes great satisfaction in learning about each client’s business and being welcomed as a true partner in their endeavors. An outdoor buff, this fifth generation Arizonan likes to hike, camp and go mountain biking.

Sean Laizure

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Sean is a proud Arizona native, coming from a large family of 6 brothers and sisters. He is a seasoned sales professional with the ability to build lasting relationships with key customers and maintain client satisfaction and retention. To Sean, “What makes printing special and unique is creating something special and different everyday. There is nothing better than taking an idea with a customer and putting it into fruition”. When not working, he loves to cook, golf, movies and traveling.

Lucy Lawrence

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Lucy’s printing career began in the early 1960s in Des Moines, Iowa at her husband’s small print shop. Since 1984, Lucy has been with O’Neil, where she started out as a sales secretary. “It seemed like the salespeople were having more fun, so I moved into sales,” she says. “Client interaction is addicting, so even though I’m semi-retired, I’ll probably be charging into the pressroom on my walker as I head into my 90’s.” Have at it, Lucy.

Rhonda O'Shea

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Rhonda started in the print business in 1989 as a receptionist at a print shop in Oklahoma City. “I was fascinated with the whole 4-color process thing,” she says. “Back then, we used film and color keys, which were a great way to show exactly how the process worked. Now, when I teach younger generations about the process, everything is digital, direct to plate. I’m amazed at how rapidly our craft evolves.” She adds, “I love working with creative people and seeing their ideas come to fruition.”

Norb Rasmussen

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Norb has been in the printing business for a mind-boggling 40-some years. He enjoys working for O’Neil, and loves partnering with clients to produce top quality jobs. He says that “O’Neil has some of the best craftsmen in the industry.” And if anyone would know, Norb would.

Scott Maines

Director, Wide Format

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Scott Maines is a printing professional with over thirty years in the industry. He traveled throughout the U.S. teaching and demonstrating printing equipment for Komori America, later gravitating to the wide format sector of the business and never looked back. He has a passion for the wide format process and the creative opportunities it provides, where he finds developing and creating solutions for a complicated request very rewarding. In his spare time, you’ll find Scott rooting on ASU, especially in football, and fishing anytime, anywhere, any weather.

Bruce VanderHaar

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Bruce started out in printing at a very young age. Since 1985, he’s been working in the field full time. “What I like about coming to work each day is getting to work with the greatest team on the planet,” he says. “It’s so gratifying to know that I am a part of this team, and that as a company we are courageous, well-loved and respected in the marketplace.” A man of many interests, Bruce’s fine art flower photography has been published multiple times in Arizona Highways magazine.

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