Color Management and Scanning
+ Staccato 20 Micron Stochastic Screening
+ XRite ICColor, Eye One, and Eye One IO Spectrophotometers

Work Stations
+ 2 Power Macintosh G5 
3 PC Workstations
+ 4 2015 MacPros

Ripping/Assembling Stations
+ Kodak Prinergy 7.0 – Primary and Secondary Servers, Virtual Proofing, Auto Preflight, Hot Standby Recovery, Emergency Plate Making and Digital JDF Connectivity
+ Kodak InSite Server Featuring Online Job Collaboration
+ Onyx Production House and Oris Color Tuner Web Server

Output Devices
+ Creo Lotem 800 II Quantum – Computer to Plate with Inline Processor and Automatic Plate Loading

Proofing Devices
2 Epson Stylus Pro 9900 – 44” Wide Hi-Resolution Digital Proofer with ORIS Color Tuner
1 Epson Stylus Pro 9800 – 44” Integris Full Color Digital Blueline Proofer
+ 1 Canon IPF800S 2-Sided Impo Proofer

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